The best part of the Salzburg Chamber Soloists performance was this: they played so expertly that when I left, I felt like I had heard what Mozart himself might have heard inside his mind, before he wrote anything down. I appreciate anything in this world that sparks a reflective silence. Their performance connected me to something classy and timeless - even genius - and that is something you do not experience every day.

The Current

Bruckner´s Adagio swathed the concert hall in a velvety cloak of sound. Skou-Larsen directed nuances that where played with such import and tenderness that you could feel a drama unfold with each measure.

Washington Post

The SALZBURG CHAMBER SOLOISTS performed like one massively poised, technically astonishing and stylish featured guest.
…this is freedom harnessed to an impassioned common purpose. Each phrase had its own emotional register, plucked from the orchestra´s seemingly limitless range.
Their lush sound and sensitivity could not have better served Tschaikovskys tugging melodies, or integrated better his rythmic folk dances.

The News Tribune, Tacoma

The group, under the energetic leadership of violinist Lavard Skou Larsen, delivered a well-balanced and thoughtprovoking concert: skillfully handled, by turns sparkling and placid.

The Orange County Register, Los Angeles

"...this very modern group of Salzburgers brought to their music-making a youthful dynamism and volcanic energy that provoked whistles and exclamations from the normally sedate audience.
From the beginning of the concert to the encore the Salzburg Chamber Soloists played with the utmost intensity, their performances remarkable for their passion and rhythmic focus. It was impossible to resist the playing of musicians who clearly give their all in the service of the music.

Calgary Herald